Thursday, October 2, 2014

Slow Down the aging process

These simple tips can help you keep your joints healthy and reduce the stress that leads to arthritis and other age related conditions.

1.            Practice low-impact exercise. Walking, biking and swimming are some aerobic activities that will increase your heart rate yet will avoid pounding or jarring of your joints that can lead to cartilage damage.

2              Wear protective gear.  Joint damage can lead to arthritis, so wear elbow pads, knee pads, etc. during activities such as skating.  If you already suffer from joint pain, wear braces or splints during activities that may further stress your joints, like golfing or playing tennis.

3.            Nutrition is key!  Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids can help decrease joint inflammation.  Also, a diet rich in calcium can help reduce the risk of bone loss.  Healthy bones can help keep your joints healthy.

4.            Practice good body mechanics.  When lifting from ground or knee-level, bend your knees and hips instead of your back, therefore protecting the smaller joints in your spine. When lifting and moving a heavier load, keep it as close to your body as possible and pivot with your legs instead of twisting your trunk to place it to one side or the other.

5.            S  t  r  e  t  c h!  Joints can get lazy too… If they are not called upon to work, they may become slackers.  Stretching and moving your joints through full range of motion can help remind your joints that they do still work and will keep them flexible and prevent stiffness.

GSC Therapy is an occupational therapy outpatient orthopedic practice that treats the full body! We incorporate specific exercises, techniques, adaptive equipment to help you achieve maximum function at home, work and with your leisure activities. Our customized programs incorporate your goals. Each patient receives a customized home program on a CD for easy follow through!

GSC Therapy has designed Next level Fitness for those who would like to know more about correct exercise, body mechanics to reduce joint stress or to establish a structured, supervised exercise program. You can purchase 1, 5 or 10 visits and use them at any time.

Call us at 480-855-8866 or visit our website at www.gsctherapy.com for additional information. Please let us know if you find us on face book and receive a complimentary gift certificate for a 30 minute massage when you become a patient with us!

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