Monday, September 15, 2014

7 Helpful Tips for Running a Marathon:


  1. Buy a second pair of training shoes. Running additional miles means more stress on your shoes and legs. Alternating runs between two pairs of shoes can extend the life of each pair by allowing the spongy midsole to recover and last longer. In addition, alternating between two pairs of shoes lowers injury risk from repetitive motion of running all those miles in one pair of shoes.
  2. ·         Train yourself to eat and drink on the run. Taking in calories and fluid while running can extend energy levels. A good time to practice is on your long runs. For example, put a packet of energy gel in a pocket or pin it to your shorts, carry a water bottle or sports drink. Or drive your long-run route before you run and look for drinking fountains. Ideally, an individual will want to take 100 to 300 calories during every hour of your training runs and races.
  3. ·         If you’re racing for time, you’ll want to practice grabbing a cup and drinking while you’re running. Grabbing a water cup or sipping while running can be tricky, sometimes you’re lucky to get a sip while the rest goes up your nose or down your chest. Set up a table in your drive-way and put out paper cups filled with sports drink. Practice running by and grabbing a cup. To avoid spilling, pinch the top of the cup closed as soon as you grab it, and then drink from the V in the cup.
  4. ·         Train with a partner. Three hours or more is a long time to be on running alone. If none of your friends is on the same training plan, schedule your run so that a friend can run part of it with you. Or schedule several friends to take turns joining in on the same run.
  5. ·         Test the shoes and clothes you’ll be running in. whatever you wear in the race shoulder be worn during long runs leading up to the race. A sports bra, running shorts, or tank-top/t-shirt during a short run might begin to chafe after an hour. Never use anything on marathon day that you haven’t tested during a longer run.  
  6. ·         Eat right, take a good multivitamin, and get plenty of sleep. Marathon training takes a lot out of your body. Studies have shown that long runs can temporarily suppress immunity, making marathon runners more susceptible to colds and the flu. Pamper yourself while training so you can perform at the marathon in optimal health.
  7. ·         Train at race pace. Many runners forget about this basic concept of training. If you’re going to ask your body to run for 26 miles, you need to be comfortable at that pace. You shoulder be able to run your race pace, any day, any time, whether you’re tired or fresh.

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Written by Charlotte Milas,OT

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